Our Business

Comprehensive real estate services in the US real estate market

The US offers stability in terms of both population and its economy. Meldia Investment Realty of America, Inc. leverages the strengths of its group companies to provide comprehensive real estate services, encompassing everything from development to management.

Real Estate & Investment

Acquiring land for development, obtaining entitlements, and undertaking development projects with a focus on Los Angeles.

With a focus on the Los Angeles area, Sanei Architecture Planning and Meldia Investment Realty of America acquire land for development, obtain entitlements, and undertake development projects.

We obtain land entitlements for development projects that include multi-family apartments, condominiums, and Sigle Family Residence.

Sanei Architecture Planning’s strength lies in the construction and provision of three-story wooden residences in densely populated areas. We are a professional group that is engaged in all aspects of real estate and construction, from land purchase to planning, design, and construction. Leveraging the real estate know-how we have accumulated in Japan, we proactively undertake residential development projects in the state of California.


Bringing new value and giving new life to real estate for resale

We remodel, expand, rebuild, and resell real estate that we acquire. This aspect of our business covers Sigle Family Residence, apartments, commercial facilities, offices, warehouses, and other such assets.

Leveraging the knowledge and experience we have accumulated through development projects, we are engaged in the real estate resale business that includes remodeling and resale of Sigle Family Residence as well as adding value to multi-family apartments.

Using our relationship with the Sanei Architecture Planning head office in Japan and group partners, we undertake real estate sales for outbound investors in Japan and put together products for local investors in the US.

Real Estate Brokerage

We provide our residential real estate purchasing and leasing brokerage services to customers both in the US and overseas.

In Torrance, Los Angeles, we provide real estate brokerage services under the name of Meldia Realty Los Angeles.

We provide our residential real estate purchasing and leasing brokerage services for properties including Sigle Family Residence, condominiums, and multi-family apartments to customers both in the US and overseas. We are also engaged in the leasing as well as the purchase and sale of commercial facilities that include retail spaces and office buildings.

Construction Service

Alpha Construction Co. Inc. is a full-service construction company located in the Los Angeles area with over 50 years of general contracting experience.

Alpha Construction Co. Inc. specialize in commercial and public construction projects with a focus on tax-credit affordable housing and market-rate multi-family housing.

With capabilities including pre-construction consulting services, project management, and full, turnkey construction, we are proud to serve all of our project owners’ needs during planning to construction and on to project completion and closeout.

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